If the word of "massage" for you is not synonym of sex or vulgarity, if in a massage you are looking for a Real Physical and Mental Well being, so trust me and try my soothing massage which consists in 2 parts :

In the first part, you will receive a professional massage such as Swedish, Balinese Soothing, Balinese Traditional, Deep Tissue or Ayurvedic massage.

In the second part, you will receive

Caresses, light touches of the fingers all over your body. Just close your eyes and imagine the sensation!!!!

Let me take care of you and throw the physical and mental stress away from your body.

You can get to my place in Santa Maria di Sala (Zip code 30036), or I can move to your place, within a reasonable distance.

Mobile : 345 2285789

Indirizzo: Vicenza, Veneto

Categoria: Massaggiatrici , Massaggi

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